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Are Preserved Flowers Real Flowers

Recently sending preserved flowers as gifts becomes a fashion in Singapore. People are searching everywhere to buy flower glass dome and rainbow preserved flowers. The prices of some preserved flower products are even above $400, which is indeed crazy!

But as people are fascinated with it, I believe most of them don’t actually understand what it is.

The most frequently asked question is ‘Are preserved flowers real flowers’?

The simple and straightforward answer is YES.

Premium large preserved rose from Kenya

There are multiple ways to preserved flowers, like using silica gel or freeze-drying, all methods are processing with real flowers. But no matter which method applied, flowers will become ‘everlasting’ with their color and texture maintained.

This is the main reason why preserved flowers are much more expensive than fresh flowers and dried flowers.

Here comes second most confused part: Are preserved flowers the same as dried flowers?

NO, they are compeletly different.

Let me explain a bit what’s dried flower. If you bought some fresh flowers, you can take one of them out of the vase, put somewhere without water. After a few days, you will see that all petals and leaves are pleated. This is because water kept inside the stem, petals, and leaves are evaporated completely. If you touch it, you will find that petals become extremely crispy and fragile, and the color has already faded.

On the other hand, preservation techniques allow flowers to maintain the natrual appearance, even the soft touch! It’s just like we water preserved flowers with the fountain of youth, they don’t wilt anymore.

Now I find myslef understand why they are so popular:

Just like people want an everlasting love relationship, preserved roses symbolize that true love can defeat time and become eternal. If you’ve already found your special one, send her a preserved rose as an anniversary gift and tell her your love will sound her forever and ever.

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Rose flower meanings in English and Chinese by different number of stalks

Rose is absolutely the most popular flower among beautiful ladies, but do you know that the different number of roses included in one bouquet represent different meanings. Check out the rose flower meanings here to ensure you are buying the correct rose bouquet for your special one!

The number of roses and their meanings :

  • 1 Rose [love you at first sight] 我对你一见钟情
  • 3 Roses [ I love you ] 我爱你
  • 9 Roses [ a symbol of eternal love. You would often give this exact number of roses to those you wish to spend the rest of life with. ] 我对你的爱天长地久
  • 11 Roses [‘I love you with all my heart’] 我爱你一心一意
  • 15 Roses [ wishing for forgiveness ] 我祈求你的原谅
  • 18 Roses [ stay young and beautiful ] 愿你青春永驻,美丽永久
  • 20 Roses [ symbolic of sincerity and belief. ] 我对你的爱全心全意,矢志不渝
  • 33 Roses [ signifies affection ] 三生三世,一直爱你
  • 48 Roses [ representative of an unchanging love ] 这束花代表我对你永不改变的爱
  • 50 Roses [ unconditional love] 我对你的爱毫无保留,毫无条件
  • 66 Roses [ my love for you will never change ] 我爱你,永远
  • 77 Roses [ ‘faith’. You have believed in the person] 我,信任你
  • 88 Roses [ a big apology ] 我错了,请原谅我
  • 99 Roses [ want to let a special someone know you’ll love you till the day you die? Give them a bouquet containing 99 single rose stems. ] 我对你的爱天长地久

Now you’ve already had some rough ideas about the rose flower meanings right? Great! How about check our recent rose collection here, customise the number of stalks you want!
Fresh roses are beautiful but won’t last forever, do you want everlasting real roses that can show your eternal love? Preserved roses are perfect for you.