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Rose is the most classic symbolization of true love; thus, a bouquet of roses is the perfect choice of romantic occasions. However, there are so many colors to choose, which one is the right one for HER?

Here are rose meaning for different colours:

  • Red rose: “I love you.” It symbolizes romantic love and courage.
  • Pink rose: “You are always my princess.” It symbolizes gratitude, grace, and joy.
  • White rose: “My love for you is pure as crystal.” It symbolizes purity and innocence
  • Champagne rose: “I want you in my life.” It symbolizes desire, enthusiasm, and fascination.
  • Blue rose: “You are my one and only.” It symbolizes harmony, trust, and affection.
  • Purple rose: “I’ve fallen in love many times, but always with you.” It symbolizes fascination and adoration.
  • Cappuccino rose: “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” It symbolizes unexpected and surprises.

Rose meaning by numberof stalks click here!

Blanc Artisan uses only the freshest roses for all of our orders; we care what’s important to you, we will make every love gift perfect.

Our florists are Korean certified florists specializing in wrapping rose bouquets. They have the magic to turn plain wrapping papers to tridimensional arts.

If you want to deliver your surprise personally, you can place your order in advance and collect it later. No waiting needed, we will get everything ready before you come. If you are too busy to collect it yourself, you can use our delivery service. Order now and get it delivered the SAME DAY at her doorstep. It’s simple and straightforward; what’s most important, we are always on time.

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