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Bell Jar Collection With LED Light

Preserved Flowers In Glass Dome: for this collection we used 5-6cm wide premium Kenya rose, together with some preserved fillers, heart-shaped LED light. This collection is no doubt perfect as a romantic gift!

Premium Jewelry Box With Giant Rose

Preserved Flowers Jewelry collection: 10cm wide premium Kenya rose arranged in a two-layer velvet jewelry box. Simple but elegant.

All You Need To Know About Preserved Flowers

Are Preserved Flowers Real Flowers? (more detailed information please read here)

YES, preserved flowers are made of high-quality real flowers.

Are Preserved Flowers The Same As Dried Flowers?

NO, the way of making preserved flowers is totally different from the way we handle dried flowers. Preserved flowers have ALL the characteristics of fresh flowers, the texture of petals, the size of buds. etc; However, dried flowers’ petals are shrinking and fragile because they lost all moisture inside.

Thus, the price of preserved flowers is way higher than dried flowers.

How Long Can Preserved Flowers Last?

If your preserved flowers are top quality ones (class A preserved flowers) and you keep them properly, they can last up to 2 years.

How to take care of preserved flowers properly?

  • Do not water
  • Avoid placing in a wet and high humidity environment (i.e. bathroom, kitchen)
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store and display in a cool place preferably at temperatures below 35°c
What’s Special At Blanc Artisan Preserved Flowers?

Blanc Artisan only chooses the most premium roses for our preserved flowers collection. Normal roses using for normal bouquets are only 2-3cm wide, however Blanc Artisan uses 5-6cm wide Kenya rose to create our galss dome collection. The luxry jewelry box collection is made of A class 10cm wide kenya roses.

With this kind premium matterials, the price must be super high ? NO!

Blanc Artisan florists are well-trained preserved flowers designer, they create preserved flower products on their own. Different from other OEM (original equipment manufacturer) preserved flowers, Blanc Aritsan is able to cut off the middle-man profit, and makes the price affordable.

We are not just selling preserved flowers as a product. We understand our value customers choose this collection because they want to send it as a gift and impress someone they care about. What important to you is also important to us, we will do our most to make your special moment shine. That’s why we provide FREE gift wrapping, FREE batteries for products with LED lights. We take care every details for you.

Blanc Artisan is truely a trustworthy florist in Singapore that you can count on us every time.

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